Everything that i do reminds me of you and how I hurt you. You think that this is playing victim.. But when i want to relax and go to the beach or spend time at Disneyland and get away from the shit I’ve been in lately.. I tell stories about the friendship I still treasure and the love that we shared that was real and in no way the game you think it is. There is no way to make you not a part of my life because you are a freaking part of my heart and that’s where you get lost when i tell you that no matter how hurtful something is… NO MATTER where the hurt lies… If someone is so ingrained in  your heart you’d never HAVE to get rid of them because your heart could make your mind understand and your heart would know that without a doubt this isn’t working in a healthy way. I’m sure you’re not the only reason i’m like this right now… But lord knows you’re on my mind. Especially because all i want to do this week is relax and get away… and who usually helps with that.. I’m sorry. Again. 


Laser Light and Holograms // Matthew Schreiber

Schreiber’s large-scale light installations have been presented at the Museo Carlo Bilotti in Rome, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Miami Art Museum, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, and in art venues in Basel, Switzerland, and Gwangju, South Korea.

Having lived and worked in Miami for decades producing inimitable and inventive sculptural forms with the use of lasers and managing the often intimidatingly grand projects of art icon James Turrell, Matthew moved both his studio and significant others to New York where he now works in close proximity to fellow nomad Daniel Arsham. As ever, Matthew is producing technologically symphonic and beguiling art

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Amiralens Trädgård (The Admiral’s Garden), 2013 by Christine Ödlund

I’m done with today.

The next person that snaps at me is just going to make me break down.






i think i’m more interested in where the red brick road goes to be honest



Did this help? 


stop it. stop it right now.

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